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Our mission: to serve our customers, achieve employees and give back to the society
The end of the year is approaching, Zhiyong Qian, the general manager of Huawei Textile, led all senior management personnel to Ningbo Jianfeng Enterprise Management School from December 4th-December 6th...

08 Dec 2022

In order to create a team that cohesively work together towards a common goal, team-bonding activity for department of administration and department of sales was held on November 25th located in Nan Guan Xiang. 22 people were separated to two teams for mu

25 Nov 2022

The Athletics- Tabloid Sports Day
Huawei held a tabloid sports day in Baishi community, it is open to the whole community and all are welcomed to join...

01 Oct 2022

Scholarship for employee’s children
In order to award employee’s children’s academic achievement, Huawei Textile has set a Scholarship for employee’s children since 2018 for those children who successfully got accepted for colleges and universities...

01 Sep 2022

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